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Amy Herrera: Does America want us?

It was so difficult for me to pick someone to vote for in the past presidential election. I had to decide between a candidate who has an opposite position from mine on most moral issues, and a candidate from my own party who wanted to make life so difficult for my husband that he would “self-deport,” give up on any hope of a good life here, and leave our son and me to return to his problems in Mexico.

Of course, I’ve heard the people who say he should just “get legal.” But because my husband once returned to visit his family in Mexico for a few months, we cannot honestly fill out the application and receive any help. Our only legal option is for my husband to return to Mexico for 10 years and then apply for a waiver he is unlikely to receive.

If we chose to do as most in his situation do and omit that visit to Mexico, or state his re-entry date as the first time he entered the United States, we presumably could be on the road to a green card now. But we don’t believe in dishonesty. Our question is: Do you want us?

The past is impossible to change. My husband can never un-cross that border anymore than he can un-meet me or un-have our little baby.

If my husband were arrested for possessing drugs, he would do his time and come back to his family. But his crime is evidently much more serious. He was guilty of fleeing to the United States to escape from drug violence when the cartel was rounding up men with his first cousin’s last name and strewing their decapitated bodies along the side of the highway.

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Without action by Congress, my husband will never have an opportunity to redeem himself and take the place of a normal father.

As our lawmakers weigh the complex issues involved in immigration reform, I beg them to remember the impact their decision will have on my family.



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