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Letters to the editor on Stephenson, roadwork, concealed-carry, Israel attack, Bachmann

Stephenson firing was sad day for WSU

The way the firing of Wichita State University baseball coach Gene Stephenson was handled was a sad day in the history of Shocker athletics (June 5 Eagle). A legendary coach – a WSU icon who brought national attention to WSU and created a respected and storied baseball program during his 36 years of service – was left by his lonesome, seated at a table in front of the media to see what type of reaction they might get out of him. Not one WSU official stepped in and thanked Stephenson for his service and to express gratitude for all the hard work and endless hours he put into a program he built from nothing and brought to national prominence.

I’m sorry, but WSU athletic director Eric Sexton and the university should be ashamed of themselves for the way this whole matter was handled. Stephenson may not have always handled things in the appropriate manner over the years in dealing with the university and the media, but this was in no way how he should have been treated and let go.

I’d like to thank Stephenson and assistant coach Jim Thomas for all they have done for WSU and a baseball program that became one of the best in the NCAA.


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Masterly planning

While driving recently, I reflected on the masterly street construction planning of our local government. I had a lot of time to reflect because of the traffic jams and forced detours caused by said planning.

This isn’t anything new. City employees have decided in the past to block off certain lanes of busy roads in the middle of the afternoon with little, if any, signage, despite having no workers present. It’s nice to see this wonderful practice continue.

Who will take responsibility for the wrecks and injuries caused by this? I’m guessing it won’t be the public-sector employees. Of course, these are the same people who think it’s a good idea to post speed limits of 40 mph on busy streets, but believe 55 mph is acceptable on narrow gravel roads.


Bel Aire

Not a threat

I see some liberal judge in Finney County has white-knuckled himself into believing the anti-gun dogma that armed people in public buildings are somehow a threat (June 3 Kansas Views). How is an armed, vetted and law-abiding citizen more of a threat inside than outside?



Deliberate attack

What has happened to the investigation of the attack on the USS Liberty by the state of Israel in 1967? On June 8, 46 years ago, on a clear day in international waters off the coast of Egypt, Israeli jet fighters and torpedo boats savagely attacked the unarmed technical research ship without warning or provocation. Thirty-four Americans were killed in action and 173 were wounded.

A report by former officials from the highest level of the military and U.S. government stated that Israel “committed acts of murder against American servicemen and an act of war against the United States” when it deliberately attacked the USS Liberty. Former Secretary of State Dean Rusk and Adm. Thomas Moorer, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, condemned the deliberate aggression against the United States by our “ally,” the state of Israel.

Israel says it was a “tragic accident.” The evidence says it was tragic, but not an accident.

The United States continues to be Israel’s “best friend” while turning our backs on June 8, 1967. The U.S. continues to fund Israel’s military with blank checks.

What happens, every day, to the truth of liberty?



Look into Obama

So the record of Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., comes up thin, say the McClatchy Washington bureau’s attack dogs (May 30 Eagle). To call them journalists would be disrespectful to the trade.

I’m no fan of Bachmann myself, but to trash her on the front page of The Eagle was so uncalled for. Yet the McClatchy bunch says nothing about the lack of accomplishments of its ideological compatriot, President Obama.

Instead of trashing Bachmann on the front page, why don’t reporters David Lightman and Trevon Graff look into where Obama was during the time frame our ambassador and the others in Benghazi were being killed, or who ordered the military to stand down and not aid those in peril? Or maybe they could look into the “Fast and Furious” scandal, or the one involving the Internal Revenue Service. These are real stories that have the potential to earn the reporters national attention and possibly fame, but don’t look for that to happen on these pages. No, the masters at McClatchy in Washington and at The Eagle are too trite to let anything like that happen.


Valley Center

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