Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on recalling legislators, cheap lie, Koch generosity

Provision needed to recall legislators

In the game of Scrabble, when a player has a set of tiles that no longer allows for meaningful play, he can discard them all and draw new tiles. This seems like a good rule that ought to be incorporated into the Kansas Constitution.

The Constitution should be amended so that whenever the Legislature extends its session into overtime, a recall petition for the entire Legislature is submitted to the Kansas voters. Moreover, if the voters recalled the Legislature, then new elections would be held before the next legislative session and all incumbent legislators would be barred from filing for the seats they just lost.

My bet is that if faced with the possibility of a recall, the legislators would be able to write budget and tax policy quickly.


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Cheap lie

A May 31 Opinion Line Extra comment said: “A Philadelphia girl was denied a lung transplant because of age. Are you paying attention? That’s Obamacare in action. Too young or too old, and you won’t get the procedure done.”

For those of you who take such claims as gospel: Stop. That statement is an outright lie.

You can Google this unfortunate situation and read about it on several sites. The girl in question was denied a transplant due to policies that have been in place for years. The denial has absolutely nothing to do with the Affordable Care Act. To use this 10-year-old’s crisis to spread a cheap lie in support of a political agenda is reprehensible.

There are certainly aspects of the Affordable Care Act worthy of criticism by intelligent people, supporters as well as detractors. Unfortunately, the ever-growing pack of easily debunked lies that are spread about the act are mindlessly accepted by many as fact. Please don’t accept these lies at face value. Check them out for yourself.



Can afford it

Please stop worrying about the Kochs not being appreciated for being generous (May 24 Opinion Line).

Do the math. Say Charles Koch makes $1 billion a year (Forbes magazine says he’s worth $34 billion), and you make $100,000 (chances are it’s much less). If he gives $1 million to a good cause, it’s similar to you giving $100. If you make $100,000, do you think you could donate $100?

Don’t be so impressed by the zeros.



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