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Letters to the editor on Southeast, phony studies, abortion, ice jam

Remodeling would save money

I have been a little surprised that Wichita superintendent John Allison did not give me an F for my math in regard to my letter “Upgrade Southeast” (May 19 Letters to the Editor). I doubled up on the total cost for the land, demolition, dirt, etc., for the Option A, Southeast Scenario 2.

The total cost is $18.45 million for a remodel of Southeast High School with additional parking, new baseball and softball fields, eight new tennis courts and a new practice field. The Wichita school board could choose Option A, Southeast Scenario 3, which would add two new practice fields for an additional $4.08 million.

Option A, Southeast Scenario 2 would be $35.55 million less than the cost of building a new high school in the southeast quadrant, which would allow the school board to use this available bond money for improvements to other schools in the district.


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Studies aren’t facts

For decades, the media have portrayed studies as facts. But studies are not facts. They are, at best, opinions and, at worst, fiction.

Most of our laws, regulations and taxes that have been imposed since the mid-1980s are based on the reported results of studies. That leads one to believe that studies are political.

“Study: Immigrants provide Medicare a surplus” (May 30 Eagle) reported that immigrants pay in more to Medicare than they take out. The study was conducted by Harvard Medical School. Harvard was paid by our government to do this study. The results were a foregone conclusion.

The Internal Revenue Service’s political intimidation pales when compared with the political browbeating and intimidation dished out by the National Institutes of Health, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention via studies.

One of the many flaws in this study is the implied correlation between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants. Another is that Medicare contributions data are supplied by the Census Bureau. The article did point out that immigrants on average are younger than American citizens and therefore have less need for Medicare – so naturally their contributions exceed their takings. The study is political opinion, not fact.

Many of us believe things that are simply not true. We have been manipulated by studies. What happened? When did facts become opinions and opinions become facts? We didn’t quietly approach apathy about the veracity of studies; we embraced it.



Controlling lives

The CEO of South Wind Women’s Center said that busybodies are “controlling the lives of others” and asked if we have “had enough” (May 28 Letters to the Editor). Was she serious? Abortion is the ultimate in controlling the lives of others – babies. Had enough? You bet.



Ice jam

Reading the story about the ice jam in Alaska (May 30 Eagle) reminded me that we had a similar ice jam and concern about it damaging a bridge right here in Kansas.

The incident happened on the Arkansas River to the south of Sterling in the late 1940s. The river froze solid and a huge ice jam formed upstream. The highway officials feared it would wipe out a bridge. At that time the river always had water in it, about waist-deep.

In trying to decide how to break up the ice jam, someone came up with the idea to ask the Army Air Force at the Smoky Hill Air Base in Salina to send some fighter-bombers to bomb the ice jam. They did so. My memory is that it wasn’t very effective.



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