Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on U.S.-made goods, sports district

Buying U.S. goods boosts country

Money to the country is like blood to an individual. If an individual loses blood and the wound is not repaired, the individual will die. If a repair is made and the patient is given a blood transfusion, the patient will probably live as long as the blood circulates. If there is no blood for the transfusion and water is used, the patient will die.

In regard to the government of a country, money must circulate within the country. If more money circulates to places outside the body than is taken in, that country will die of bankruptcy. If more money is printed to correct the situation, this is an act of voodoo economics, as it only dilutes the current value of the money in circulation. This is what is happening in America today, and it will eventually bring about the death of our country.

The short of it is that money represents work, the product or services of work. We should have foreign trade. However, if you don’t need something, don’t purchase it unless it’s made in the USA.

Otherwise, you are the problem.

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Sports draw

I am a lifelong citizen of Wichita, and I am an avid baseball fan. It pains me to see the state of baseball in this city, knowing how great it once was here.

Imagine for a moment the area around Lawrence-Dumont Stadium converted into an epicenter of sport in Wichita. Local businesses dedicated to sports, baseball or not, could draw outside dollars into the city.

In your opinion, what would it take to convert that area into a sports district?

I believe that if we could elevate that area into a district where people want to be, it would aid the historic National Baseball Congress Tournament. I also believe that this city needs affiliated baseball to return. The Wichita Wingnuts are fun to watch, but the team doesn’t bring outside dollars into Wichita.

I would like to see more summer league teams as well, in numbers that would rival the famed Cape Cod League. Having affiliated baseball here would make this town a larger draw and revenue generator during the summer months. I hope to be able to contribute in some fashion to making this a possibility.




Monday’s Eagle editorial, “Show gratitude,” included inaccurate information about the World War II Memorial in Veterans Memorial Park. The commemorative bricks are sold out.

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