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Story - Regression 2021-3 “Test” Standard template - no image or video Charleston & cracks down on mask rule on Super Bowl Sunday - kansas

South Carolina’s biggest city wrote nearly 50 tickets to people who weren’t wearing masks on city sidewalks on Super Bowl Sunday.

Charleston’s emergency mask ordinance requires people to wear masks outside at all times with a few exceptions, including socially distant exercise.

Police officers and officers from Charleston’s Tourism and Livability department combined to patrol bars and restaurants and issued at least 47 tickets.

The tickets are $100 for a first offense and get more expensive with each additional violation.

A few weeks ago, Columbia did its own mask crackdown in one of the city’s bar and restaurant areas popular with college students.

From Jan. 22-23, the city issued more than 110 mask tickets, officials said. A different crackdown in November in the same area around Five Points saw more than 100 tickets issued

Columbia’s emergency mask ordinance also has a $100 initial fine.

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This story was originally published April 8, 2021 2:22 PM.

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