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Changed master. Number exhibit at the national art museum in Tokyo, January 2017.
Changed master. Number exhibit at the national art museum in Tokyo, January 2017.


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This story was created in QA1 after the upgrade of NewsGate to 58b. CUE is on 2.8.11, which is the same version that is in production. Same Engine version as production too.

I’m writing a bit of text and then I’ll copy paste the rest of the story to fill the space, and make it look more like a real story for testing in NewsGate. I’ll also put in some photos and see how the captions behave now that that change is in effect on production. Hope it’s on QA1.

Sometimes things are not the same in the testing environments as they are in production, which makes it hard to tell if the problem is with what you are testing or with the environment in general.

TEST test caption. Edited from CUE before adding to story. TEST test byline Photo credit

For example, the NG-TEST system doesn’t allow drag/drop of photos to story folders. There is also an issue with email assignments and droplets. But we think that is all related to the TEST servers and not with the NG upgrade. Which is why the upgrade is also being tested on QA1.

Not to mention that we need to test on QA1 so we can see whether the NG 58b version will play nicely with the current production version of CUE because that’s what will be in place when we go live with NG upgrade on Sunday.

Also, by typing real words and sentences and correcting them, you can test spell check and backspace and delete and other things that you don’t see when you type random letters on the keyboard and make your stories only a line or two long.

And, now, for the copy and paste portion of my story. I’m copying it from Google docs.

“Beginning Tuesday, Dec. 4, captions can be created specifically for a story without affecting the photo caption on other stories. This eliminates the need to duplicate photos to create unique captions.

“All stories published before the change will continue to use the “master” caption for their website display as they did before the change. Stories published or re-published after the change will display with the story-specific caption. If you update a story that was originally published before Dec. 4, please check that the story caption is correct before publishing.

“Whatever is in the master caption will be set as the story caption when the photo is added to a story. If the master caption is blank when the photo is added, then the story caption will also be blank. This didn’t matter when only the master caption was used for website display, but will matter starting Dec. 4 when the story caption is used instead.

“When adding photos to CUE, make sure the master caption is correct and complete (including credit/byline) so that wherever that photo is used there is good information with it. Master captions can be edited before importing photos to CUE, saving time and steps later. On a PC, right click on the photo and select Properties. On the Details tab of the dialogue box that opens, add the caption to the Title field in the Description section.

“If you edit the master caption after you added a photo to your story, use revert to master on the story caption to get those edits. If you reuse a photo and want a special caption just for that story, edit the caption from the story to change only that usage of the caption.

“For details on the new photo work flow, please see Story-specific photo caption work flow or watch this video.”

What’s nice about that content I pasted was that there were links in the text and they pasted in fine. I just had to remove the extra returns between paragraphs.

This story was originally published December 4, 2018 12:00 PM.

This text must be displayed instead the one on the feature file

testing that in CTA section param info supersedes the configuration in the feature file

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SN more than 5 articles less than 12

new series nav test