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Afternoon Observer | Big show coming to BofA Stadium + Charlotte’s newest residential tower & Test

We’re halfway through the work week, Charlotte. This is Kristen, here with something cute to bring the energy up today. In the Outer Banks, a young horse got the & test & this is a test , jumm I’m a tester and then a word “zoomies” and was seen racing in circles on Shackleford Banks, a North Carolina barrier island where over 100 wild horses live. The video from Cape Lookout National Seashore is 3:21 of pure delight as the foal runs around, pauses, runs around some more and then hangs out with its mom. I definitely recommend taking the time to watch it. It’s adorable.

Now that the zoomies are out, let’s talk news:

1. BofA Stadium just announced a huge concert. Here’s what to & know

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Soon, you’ll have an opportunity to sing “Rocket Man” somewhere other than on the karaoke stage. Sir Elton John is coming to play in Charlotte, according to a Wednesday morning press release from Tepper Sports & Entertainment.

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The details with the Observer’s Théoden Janes:

The four-year tour will formally conclude in Australia in 2023.

2. Charlotte’s newest residential & commercial tower is complete

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At the corner of 8th and North College sits The Ellis, uptown Charlotte’s latest apartment tower. It features a yellow, gray and white façade and stands 385 feet above First Ward. CharlotteFive’s Clayton Sealey sat down with Daryl Whitehurst, a project executive at Hoar Construction, to discuss how the process went.

Here’s what he learned:

Some stats about the construction:

3. Jeff Gordon is leaving FOX Sports. Here’s what he’s up to next

After this NASCAR season and calendar year, Jeff Gordon will step down from his role as a FOX Sports broadcaster to begin a new role at Hendrick Motorsports. The NASCAR Cup team announced Wednesday that Gordon has been named vice chairman of the organization.

The breakdown:

“I cannot put into words what Hendrick Motorsports means to me,” Gordon said in a statement. “In many ways, it’s my home and the people here are my family. I’ve never lost my passion for the organization, for our sport, and for the sheer challenge of racing and winning at the highest level.”

Learn more about the move with the Observer’s Alex Andrejev.

4. Sparks flew on the morning commute for this Charlotte couple

Looking for love? Maybe it’s time to get an unlimited LYNX pass.

It was basically love at first site for this Charlotte couple who met on the light rail into town. He sat down next to her and she nervously waited to decide what to do. Finally, she put her book down and asked: “Are you going to sit there the entire ride into the city and not say hello?” They exchanged conversation and jokes, had their first date a couple days later and have been going strong since their meeting almost five years ago.

Recently, their story was shared on Twitter, with some people tagging their meet-cute story #LoveOnTheLightRail.

Pam and George chatted with the Observer’s Olivia Olsher Tuesday about their love story. What’s their advice for those looking for love? Be ready for the moment. Look up from your phone or book.

Read more of their charming story with Olsher.

5. What CLT passengers need to know before flying to 10 international spots

Folks are continuing to return to Charlotte’s airport as vaccination rates rise and COVID restrictions loosen. As that happens, some international flights departing from Charlotte Douglas International Airport this year have either recovered to levels similar to pre-COVID or exceeded those, according to airport data.

As international travel picks back up, there are certain things you need to be aware of. Explore the US travel advisory and country-specific travel restrictions for 10 popular destinations with direct flights from Charlotte with the Observer’s Yiwen Lu.


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This story was originally published June 24, 2021 11:09 AM.

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