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Moe’s Sub Shop serves up no-frills flavor

It’s increasingly difficult to find local submarine sandwich shops amid the established national chains. Luckily for Wichitans, Moe’s Sub Shop is around to satisfy cravings for a classic Italian sub.

Located in a small strip mall on South Hydraulic, Moe’s has been slinging out subs to devoted regulars for years. With only a few tables, what the interior of the restaurant lacks in size it makes up for in atmosphere. An old arcade game, yellowed pennants and assorted memorabilia give Moe’s dining area unique character.

The menu consists of several basic sub sandwiches in three different sizes, plus salads and lasagna. There are customizable options for cheeses, veggies and condiments on all subs, including Miracle Whip (why anyone would put that on food is beyond me).

This was our first experience at Moe’s, so the friendly sandwich engineer directed us toward the Ultimate Moe, the shop’s most popular sandwich. I got it loaded with all the veggies, American cheese, mayo, vinegar, oil, ham, salami and pepperoni. We also ordered a meatball sub and smoked turkey sub. The Ultimate Moe lived up to its billing. It was packed with plenty of veggies and meat, but the bread was what really made the difference. Moe’s prides itself on its fresh baked bread, and you could certainly taste the difference. The smoked turkey sub was fine, but you might as well just order the Ultimate. The meatball sub was very basic, with just Provolone and Parmesan cheese, but that is all it needed. A quick zap in the microwave allowed the bread and marinara sauce to meld into an enjoyable sandwich.

Moe’s does not serve the fanciest sandwiches in town, but if you want to enjoy a no-frills, old-school sub sandwich, this is your place.

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