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Oh Yeah China Bistro a hidden gem

Oh Yeah China Bistro is a hidden gem in northeast Wichita.

The restaurant is tucked into a commercial strip behind other restaurants on Rock Road, so not many people know about it. However, after you give Oh Yeah a try, it’s likely to become one of your favorites.

Oh Yeah’s interior is upscale, and the owners have opted for cloth instead of paper napkins. The menu is extensive, and almost everything can be made without meat or vegetarian style. In fact, in a previous life – from 2009 until 2011 – the owners operated the restaurant as a vegetarian place called Zen.

On our most recent visit, we ordered the appetizer sampler, which consists of two spring rolls, two cream cheese Rangoon, two chicken wings, a potato croquette split in half, salt-and-pepper potatoes, and seaweed medley. The spring rolls and potato croquette were my favorites. The seaweed medley and cream cheese Rangoon were just average. I was not a fan of the chicken wings, which were completely covered with red sauce that tasted excessively sweet. My husband liked the salt-and-pepper potatoes, which had good flavor, but they just seemed like soggy potato chips to me.

One of the appetizer items that I wished was part of the sampler platter is the restaurant’s fortune dumpling. The dumplings, which you can get either boiled or pan-fried, are filled with pork and mushrooms. We tried the pan-fried version on a previous visit and were impressed with the flavor and quality.

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We usually share the Oh Yeah fried rice because the portion is more than enough to feed two people. We like to get it with chicken, but you can get it with ham, beef, shrimp or any combination of the meats. You can also order it plain or vegetarian style. I’ve had the Oh Yeah fried rice with meat and without, and it tastes equally delicious both ways. The flavors are so amazing that you don’t miss the meat.

We always tend to order the same dishes, so on our recent visit, we decided to try something on the menu that we haven’t tried before but that would still seem familiar. We ordered General Tso’s with chicken, but it’s also available with soy or shrimp. Although the Oh Yeah version of General Tso’s is good, it isn’t much different from the version served at other Chinese restaurants.

Besides the delicious fried rice, spring rolls and pork dumplings, the best part about Oh Yeah is the selection of freshly squeezed fruit juices. Not many restaurants in town offer fresh fruit lemonade and fresh fruit juices. I’ve tried the mango lemonade and the pineapple lemonade. Both are refreshingly tasty.

Oh Yeah also offers smoothies and boba teas in addition to soft drinks, flavored teas and alcoholic beverages. The beverage options are just as extensive as the rest of the menu.

If you want to check out Oh Yeah I recommend going at lunchtime. It has great lunch specials from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays. The lunch specials are served in a bento box and include soup, egg roll, crab Rangoon, garden tempura, steamed or fried rice and your choice of entree. The prices vary slightly depending on your choice of meat (or lack thereof), but the lunch specials are an excellent value all the way around. Even if you don’t like Asian or Chinese food, the restaurant is still worth a visit.

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At the very least, go for the juice.

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