BREAKING | Valley counties report more than 500 new COVID-19 cases in one day; 6,310 new cases statewide

<p>COLUMBUS &mdash; The tri-county Mahoning Valley on Thursday reported 505 new COVID-19 cases &mdash; the region&#39;s highest&nbsp;single-day tally in months.</p><p>The Ohio Department of Health on Wednesday reported 6,310 new COVID-19 cases statewide in the past 24 hours.</p><p>That includes 505&nbsp;new cases in the&nbsp;Mahoning Valley: 200&nbsp;new cases&nbsp;in Mahoning County (for a total of 29,061), 176&nbsp;in Trumbull (21,631) and 129&nbsp;in Columbiana (12,967).</p><p>Ohio on Thursday surpassed 1.45 million total cases since the beginning of the pandemic.</p><p>Meanwhile, the state&#39;s two-week average of new cases per 100,000 people had its second week of decline, following months on the rise due to the coronavirus&#39; highly contagious delta variant.</p><p>The state this week reported an average 561&nbsp;new cases per 100,000 Ohioans, down from 617&nbsp;the week prior. That&rsquo;s still more than five times the CDC&rsquo;s threshold for &ldquo;high&rdquo; transmission, which is 100 cases per 100,000 people. The two-week rate of new cases was 699&nbsp;for the week ending&nbsp;Sept. 22.</p><p>Columbiana County this week reported 818&nbsp;new cases per 100,000 residents (down&nbsp;from 861&nbsp;for the&nbsp;two weeks ending Sept. 22); Mahoning reported 670 (down from 703); and Trumbull reported 622&nbsp;(up from 611).</p><p>The average rate of new cases reported each day&nbsp;in the Valley so far this month is still higher than in September, and nearly three times higher than in August. Valley counties have reported an&nbsp;average 335&nbsp;new cases each day this month. In September it was an average 295 cases per day, more than double the&nbsp;113 average daily cases reported in August.</p><p>There were 323&nbsp;new COVID-19 hospitalizations reported statewide Monday and 27&nbsp;new ICU admissions.</p><p>As of Wednesday, 1,133&nbsp;people reported to be fully vaccinated have been hospitalized in the state for breakthrough infections since Jan. 1, and 186&nbsp;fully vaccinated people have died. That means breakthrough infections are attributed to&nbsp;about 2&nbsp;percent of all COVID-19 deaths reported since the beginning of the year, and about 3.7&nbsp;percent of all hospitalizations.</p><p>Statewide, more than 112,000&nbsp;people are presumed to be actively infected as of Thursday.</p><p>The average two-week rate of positive coronavirus tests remained flat at 12 percent&nbsp;between Monday and Tuesday.&nbsp;That rate increased steadily since mid-July, but is now down 2&nbsp;percent since its most recent peak on Sept. 9.</p><p>However, it continues&nbsp;to be as high as it was in mid-January, as the state&#39;s winter surge was on the decline. It&#39;s still nine times higher than the&nbsp;all-time low of 1.3 percent&nbsp;reported in late June.</p><p>The two-week positivity rate for the period ending Sept. 28&nbsp;was&nbsp;14.9 percent in Columbiana (up from 14&nbsp;percent at last report); 14.3&nbsp;percent in Trumbull County (down&nbsp;from 13.9&nbsp;percent); and 11.3&nbsp;percent in Mahoning (down from 11.6).</p><p>The state on Tuesday reported 185 new COVID-19 deaths since its last mortality report four days prior, an average of more than 46 deaths per day,&nbsp;including four deaths in Mahoning County, six in Trumbull and five in Columbiana. The state on Friday reported 341 deaths, which is the highest tally in months.</p><p>More than 1,000 COVID-19 deaths were reported in September, an average of nearly 40 deaths per day. August saw nearly 380 total deaths, an average of about 12 deaths per day. About 2,100 COVID-19 deaths were reported statewide in December &mdash; the month with the most recorded pandemic deaths &mdash;&nbsp;an average of 70 per day.</p><p>Between Wednesday and Thursday, 7,525&nbsp;new vaccinations were started in the state. To date, 5,912,141&nbsp;vaccine-eligible Ohioans have been fully vaccinated, or about 59&nbsp;percent of Ohioans age 12 and older.</p><p>As of Thursday, about 48.8&nbsp;percent of all residents in Mahoning County have completed their vaccinations; 46.4&nbsp;percent&nbsp;in Trumbull; and 39.9&nbsp;percent in Columbiana.</p>

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