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This is a story a(*&ˆ%$#@!@)(*&ˆ%$#@bout randooom things. ✍️

I Want to add a lot more links, so here goes a link about ducks, yes ducks, I like ducks. Or maybe about boots? I like to use boots, well I did not know a company named boots existed.

Let’s keep moving. I want to add a link about the virus called: COVID-19, since it’s a trend. And maybe some statistics OMG

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Sen. Sarah Crawford, D-Wake, on her bill to make the day of the ACC basketball tournament a state holiday. (TWITTER, 4/06/21)

Here goes a note Let’s test this with some links. I’m going to start with an embedded item. This is a random test to fill this story so I can test. Once upon a time there was a little sad duck on a pond, he was sad since he did not know how to swim. You might ask, but he is a duck. How come he doesn’t know how to swim? Well, I’m asking that too I have no idea, I think all ducks know how to swim by ducks?

Let’s continue the movie on with this story (here goes a link to twitter, let’s call it twitter link). Suppose this is a link about Trump feeling good.

NEW: Trump also posted a video he posted to Twitter on Monday evening

I’m going to try a link where some statistics about the viruses are displayed. I’m not sure If I want this story to fail or to work.

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testing that in CTA section param info supersedes the configuration in the feature file

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